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Summer Camp 2018:

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Grab at least 5 friends and have a one of a kind experience designed just for YOU!!!

Grab at least 5 friends and have a one of a kind experience designed just for YOU!!!

Do you spend hours looking at fashion blogs and instagram pages, wishing that you could be one of the models in the pictures? Or maybe you absolutely HATE having your pictures taken, because they Never come out… or maybe you take thousands of selfies, trying to find the ultimate shot that will impress all of your friends and make you feel GREAT.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. I have been an award winning Master fashion and beauty photographer for the past 20 years and I am here to make you look and feel absolutely BEAUTIFUL…and maybe get you published in magazines!! I was a model for ten years in Los Angeles, New York and Milan. I have seen the good, the bad, and the really, really ugly of the modeling business, and will be there with you on every step of your journey. Moms are invited to any and every session that we do, ALWAYS.

The Dreamers Modeling Group is kids, teens and tweens who, separated into their own age groups, come weekly to have beautiful pictures taken of themselves. Sometimes we’ll meet in my home studio in Canterbury on the Lakes, sometimes we’ll go on location to fun and interesting spots in Hudson and throughout the Cleveland Metro area. We’ll work on a variety of topics, such as unlocking your face’s potential with lighting designed just to complement your particular bone structure, posing to make your entire self look longer, how to not make your hands look like giant claws, working with other people, and objects, (like all models in product ads have to do), working with a makeup artist and hair people, using objects in nature and on set to maximize your pose, working with the latest fashion paints and gold leaf, and much, much more. You’ll find out if you are more of a high fashion model or a commercial model, learn about the modeling industry in general, and see what it really takes to become a model. At the start of each week, we’ll look at your last week’s pictures and each person will have have individualized new goals to work toward.

The next level is the Dreams Come True Modeling Team. Members will appear on my website, on the blogs the I write and shoot for, and in my magazine shoots. Guest photographers will come to shoot with the girls as well.

After that is my highest level, the Dream Team Senior Spokesmodels. My Senior Spokesmodels start in their Junior year, and have the most amazing and creative Senior Pictures of all. As a Barbara Stitzer Photography Spokesmodel, you’ll take modeling field trips, model for magazines and blogs, and have the opportunity to earn cold hard cash!

Our five day camps are $195 and for a limited time, include a special, personalized app with all of your retouched favorite photos on it. 5 day summer camps are also available. Sign up by yourself, with a friend, or bring your entire exclusive group. Private sessions are also available. Prints are available to purchase at a reduced rate.

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Dream Team Models and Award Winning Master Fashion and Beauty Photographer Barb Stitzer present our second year of Modeling Camp in Ohio!!!

While feeling beautiful in front of the camera isn’t rocket science, there are definitely problems that a pretty girl runs into that their friends don’t understand. Learning how to look great without making others around you feel bad about themselves or jealous helps one’s self esteem, poise, and general feeling of well being. Young women who have attended the Dream Team Models camp feel more confident, accept less bullying, and learn to feel great about themselves in a nurturing, caring environment of like minded individuals. They also have some very beautiful pictures taken of them, whether they think they are photogenic or not.

My modeling camp graduates have appeared in magazine layouts that I have shot for Nicky Nicole, the Grey Colt, American Commodore, Olympia Sports, Studio Wish, Shop Local, and many more, and in many local, regional and National campaigns through their agencies.

Last year, we helped 14 girls get placed with local and national modeling agencies as well. So come for the fun, the camaraderie, the 3-5 opportunities in front of the camera each day, learn how to look great in selfies, and maybe a little more. Moms are more than welcome to stay and watch the entire camp if you would like. :)

Each day, we have an age appropriate topic to discuss, about modeling, and about life, and then we dive in to different aspects of modeling for the camera. As a former model for 10 years in California, New York and Milan, it is very important to me that these young ladies know the rights and wrongs about how they should be treated in every situation.

So dream big, call or text 330.714.6261 or visit my website, or email for more information. I’ll look forward to meeting you and starting you on your journey!!

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