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I would like to invite you and your theatre to participate in
the Ohio Youth Arts Awards, to recognize and promote the young artists of Northeast Ohio and encourage them to always embrace their creativity. We are currently planning our first annual award presentation.

We will have adjudicators who are educated and versed in theatre go to see participating theatre’s shows, both straight plays and musicals. They will nominate actors, directors, and crew, and we will have an awards ceremony featuring performances by actors from nominated shows each year.

Membership in the theatre program is $95 for the year, plus the donation of two tickets to each show that you would like us to come to. The membership fee pays for the rentals of the venue for the awards ceremony, website fees and advertising. Your first year is FREE!!

About me: A totally right brained arts person with a lot of intellectual degrees, I am a former SAG/AFTRA/Equity actress who trained directly with Sanford Meisner. I teach Meisner Technique, commercial audition technique, scene study and audition prep classes through Balwin Wallace and Actors Conservatory Ohio. I am an award winning master commercial photographer, and an acrylic wave painter.
If you would like to hear more or join us in this self esteem building venture, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your consideration!

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