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"Barbara, I gotta Tell you...the photo represents the girls perfectly!! He analyzed the photo for hours! He kept getting teary-eyedand said, "you really know me... it's the best present I ever received! He was stunned at how awesome you captured their eyes, their spiries. He says they looked like angels floating! I want to bring him in to look at more photos to whose with you! Thank you for such a fabulous presend!"
-- Marsha Miller

"I just have to say-- are amazing. The pictures of Olivia are breathtaking!"
--Susan Stein

"I LOVE THESE SO MUCH!!!!!!!! Thank you. These look amazing and totally captured the friend vibe I was looking for!" 
-- Deb D'errico

I"Just want to let you know that updated my FB profile pic (chose the one attached), and the likes and comments have been amazing. Thanks for your awesome work".

"I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with both the photos and the process of working with you and Colin to get the photos. It was / is such a positive and professional experience. Truth be told, I did something possibly a little intense by scheduling your shoot on December 4. You see, I didn’t mention it, but December 4 was my brother’s birthday. He was a professional photographer. He lived in NH and spent many years photographing mostly sports and senior pictures for all the fancy New England schools, and some more “commercial” stuff in Boston. Had he not passed away from cancer on January 31 of this year, he would have been Colin’s senior portrait photographer. David and I were very close, and I could not have asked for a more perfect gift than having the universe direct us to you when we didn’t know how to get photos done!
-- Jacquelynne Green

"Wow Barb! Incredible! We can never thank you enough. We were very nervous this first time around because so many of our animals are still so anxious and frightened. But it worked out so well. Please let your amazing models know what beautiful people they are both inside and out! You as well."
-- Barb Root, Pawsabilities

Barb"I just need to say- These photos are AMAZING. I love the backgrounds and the poses and the dresses...spectacular! It makes me wish i could go to the prom all over again! What lovely models! I'm so stoked to run these, everyone is going to flip!! "
--Meghan Stetzik, Editor, Hudson Living North and East Hudson Living"

"Could this be any sweeter? We're so ready for Prom '16 thanks to Barb Stitzer for the Photos!! --American Commodore Tuxedo and Dress
"Barb, Thank you once again for taking such gorgeous pictures and for all your guidance."
--Stacy Gaynor

"Mrs. Stitzer, I just want to let you know that the Prom Shoot Photos turned out amazing. You really captured how much fun we all had and it's awesome:) "
-- Elliot Wasbotten

"If I could relive one moment of 2016, It would be the winter break modeling camp!" anonymous, via the Brighten app

This picture though...*sigh*
Thank you so much Barbara Stitzer. Your work is absolutely beautiful "
-- Cassi Grizer

"Hanna's photo shoot was probably her best day ever!"
--Andrea Kotarski

"I have to say...I've never ever been photogenic WITHOUT YOUR HELP...Just Saying, folks!!"
"I'm so glad that we got in on the ground level, because you, my dear, are taking off!"
--Susan Stein

"Oh, I wish I could have flown you to Maui to be our official vacation photographer. I hired the photographer that Diana used for her Maui destination wedding to take pics of Wayne and I on the beach the day after the wedding. He had some great shots however; they just don't have that Barbara Stitzer quality. I kept thinking during our shoot there how would Barbara take these shots and how would she have us contort our bodies into the most uniquely uncomfortable poses that create the most beautiful pictures. It just wasn't the same without you! You really are a gifted artist and you are able to bring out the best in people to capture a treasured moment in time that we can revisit and cherish. I appreciate the time you take in editing each picture making each one a personal work of art.
--Rhonda Murray"

" Love the pics of Marie!! Can't thank you enough."
--Rachel Franz

"Update: Happy Halloween Week to you & yours!! We just wanted to let you know that we received Marissa's photo album (coffee table book) and it's BEAUTIFUL!! We send you our heartfelt thanks for all the time and care you put into making Marissa's high school senior photos so outstanding. YOU ARE SO SPECIAL and SO TALENTED!! We will be FOREVER fans of you & Barbara Stitzer Photography!! <3<3<3<3 Smiles & Hugs,
-- The Firemans

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing such an AMAZINGLY AWESOME job on Marissa's facebook photos, the video, and getting our prints ordered -- we're so excited about how well those turned out that we'll be over the moon when we get to preview her coffee table book!! 😊 I wish I could express my gratitude in a big hug of appreciation (am sending one your way regardless & hope you can feel it!!) 😉 Your kind words accompanying your post truly touched our hearts and we hope you will consider yourself part of our extended family... we could not have entrusted these special moments in our daughters' lives in more capable, caring hands than yours. We will remain forever grateful that our paths crossed! Take good care, our best to you and yours, have a good week, and know our good vibes are radiating in your direction!! Smiles & Hugs,"
Michele Fireman <3<3<3<3

"Barb, Thanks for a wonderful week of Modeling Camp and allowing both of my daughters this amazing opportunity",
--Angela Rosenbaum

"The pictures are Amazing!! Your work is Beautiful!! Thank you so much for everything"
--Sharon Custer, Nicky Nicole

"Hi Barb!!

I'm literally obsessed with these photos!!!! All 4 Grandparents have been in tears!!!

You're simply the sweetest and most amazing and I can not thank you enough!!! I'm so glad we met!!!"
--Leslie Emch

"Thank you Barbara Stitzer! You did an amazing job and we all truly enjoyed the experience from start to finish!"
--Doneka Eteeyan

I was looking at some of your photographs of beautiful young women and I wanted to let you know that I love the fact that you do not sexualize these young innocent girls. They are gorgeous photos and age appropriate. Unfortunately I have seen photos of other girls around the same age as your daughters that are looking like they are in their 20s, not teens or tweens. Thank you for the beautiful work you continue to share."
--Jane Hirst

"Wow!! This is AWESOME!!"
-- Meghan Ingram, Editor of North Hudson Living

"Stunning. Barbara Stitzer's Lighting is Gorgeous!!"
--Modern Senior

"Thanks! You are wonderful! I am so happy with all the photos!
Can't wait for them to be here and to find a spot in my long hallway for display!"
--Hugs to you!! Karen Fish

Hugs to you!"Good Morning My friend
The FABULOUS pictures arrived yesterday. I LOVE THEM. They are sooooooooo perfect and I can't wait to get the frames finished so I can hang them AND THANKS FOR THE EXTRAS. YOU ARE THE BEST."


Thank you for taking Ava’s picture today, Barb! You were great!"
--Mary Lynne Zahler

."Taking pictures with Barb is like being on a game show...there is so much going on...and it's so fun....when you look at the're like...when did we do THAT?? Such a great afternoon we had taking these pics!!"--Vince Menti

"Barb, It was a joy as always to work with you. You are so incredibly talented :)" -- Ann Emilie Tjorhom

"Thank YOU Barb, for the FABULOUS photos! You are amazing with that camera!!!" -- Lynette Gleitz Guinn

"My children are beautiful, but you have the ability to make them feel as beautiful as they are and capture that beauty with your camera."--Jane Hirst

"Wow. Just wow."-- Tracy Sychowski-Pawlows

"We all loved meeting you ad your daughter. Kristen had told me a lot about you and how nice you were. We are also so glad that you could sign our very special table at the shoot. We will remember you forever and would love to stay in tough. You are one very special lady. Love you, Jane"--Jane Drookas

"MIND-BLOWING WORK, Barbara!!! I am thrilled u did this shoot. It was about time. You just surpassed every DIOR< GUESS< etc, shot I've seen in every magazine the last 10 years."--Rhonda Weishaar

"Wow!!!!! No words!!!!! Totally Amazing!!!!!!!!" --Jamie Bechtold

"I don't think we'll let you to to OH!! You need to stay here with all of your fans!!"--Felicia Kohl Snee

"This picture is amazing!!" --Tod Giakas

"Barb, Your photos are so besuiful because somehow you capture the spirit of your subject. Truly a gift.:--Arlene Houghland

" Barb, You did a fantastic job and am so very very thankful that you took the time to out of your busy schedule. I do so appreciate it and it doesn't go unnoticed that you took time for me when it was such a busy time for you and your family. The models are all so fabulous, but the shots are picture perfect...YOU are indeed the BEST.
Thanks again
love you, --Cindy Burke"

"Thanks Barb! You do amazing work!!! They look awesome!"--Joana Kallevig

"love love love them! Barb you are so clever. these are such great promo shots"-- Sallyann Martinez

Hi Barb,
The pictures are as gorgeous as I thought they would be. You even made me look decent and that is quite a feat. I am very much interested in the Metal Murals,
Will be making my selection soon.
Jane Drookas


Was awesome seeing you again today. Thanks for your amazing artistry.:) --Kent Foster

Hi Barb,

Thank you for all your hard work making Lexee look so lovely and be satisfied with her senior pictures, this is no easy job with teens. We look forward to getting the real pictures She loved the "app".

It was fun meeting the real Barb Stitzer from Minot - the one I had read about in the Minot Daily News years ago!

We appreciate your attention to detail and patience as Lexee selected the best photos.

All my best,

Oh my gosh. . these are AWESOME Barbara! I can't wait to study them. You
are amazing!

John Skowronek, Reno, NV

I have had the good fortune to work with Barb in a business environment at a local theatre as well as having a photo session for myself to procure a picture to use in advertising for my career.

While working with Barb at the theatre, it truly was a pleasure to watch her creativity and playful demeanor with the kids. They giggle and feel comfortable and thoroughly enjoy spending time "hamming" it up for the camera. The end product is always nothing short of fabulous....Wonderful keepsakes to enjoy for a lifetime.

As for me, welllllll, I totally hate having my picture taken. I would say that it is right up there with a trip to the dentist. I knew that I needed get with the 21st century and actually have my photo taken for local advertisements and my new business cards. Barb made me feel so confident and I have to say that after our time spent at my "photo shoot" I was at ease and truly had fun!

Thanks are a lovely woman and a master at your craft!
Karen Davis, Anthem, AZ

I have worked with Barbara Stitzer both personally and through my business. Barbara produces only the best quality and is an absolute joy to work with. She always aims to please and is incredibly creative. She will work countless hours to make sure that her clients are completed satisfied. As a frequent client of hers, I am always very pleased and she goes above and beyond in all she does. I HIGHLY recommend Barbara Stitzer for all of your photography needs!

Jackie Hammond.Anthem

We have never had family photos taken before so I didn't know what to expect. I was a little nervous because I know it is hard to get everyone smiling and eyes open at the same time but Barbara did an amazing job. I never thought of us as photogenic but was so pleased when we looked at all the photos and they all looked wonderful. We had a great time during the shoot also. She had us laughing and running and the smiling part came naturally. It was so hard to choose which photos we wanted because they all came out great. I would highly recommend Barbara. She is very creative with her style and has a lot of fun ideas and is easy to work with.

Kellie D'Arcy, Anthem

I highly recommend Barbara Stitzer Photography for her extreme talent and professionalism. I have worked with Barb multiple times over the past year as she has taken headshots, cast photos, and publicity photos for Musical Theatre of Anthem. She is always professional, on time, accommodating to our schedules, and her turnaround time is outstanding. Her photos speak for themselves - they are fantastic. She goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your photos.

Angie E, Anthem

Absolutely the best experience for my family...and the results were gorgeous. I was dreading gathering three generations together to smile for the camera. But thanks to Barbara Stitzer, we had a blast. She is so creative with poses, creating laughter and making everyone comfortable. Choosing which photos ... that was the hard part because they were all spectacular. But Barbara made it easy with her patient personality and huge smile. The final photos were gorgeous and showed the joy she created on photo day! I highly recommend Barbara Stitzer Photography....she is our family photographer!!!

Holly Mattson, Anthem

I have worked with Barbara Stitzer on three different occasions. Every time has been a pleasure and a wonderful experience. The first time was with my children. She was able to capture our character and our relationship and we had so much fun. The other two experiences I have had have been just as positive. She has always been professional with me and she has provided a great atmosphere for great photos to be taken. Barbara is able to make me feel very comfortable and happy. She has the ability to bring out my best. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a truly great photographer.

JG, Anthem

Barbara Stitzer photographed my children and they have never had so much fun getting their pictures taken. Barbara was able to work with each of my 3 children to capture their unique personality and presented us with beautiful portraits we will treasure for a lifetime. I look forward to the next time she photographs our entire family! I strongly recommend Barbara Stitzer Photography!

Sandy Seaton

I love them! They're so cool!!

Jennifer Kratz

Holy cow! I am still in awe... every time I look at pic I like a diff one best. lol they are all so amazing!! Barb,

Amy Hughes

I am Blown Away by your talent!!

Suzanne Gregory

Hallie and I just opened this up and simultaneously went “WHOA!” You are so incredibly talented and creative. It is absolutely beautiful and it captures so many different looks of her. I LOVE IT!
Sandy Seaton

Barbara! The pictures are truly AMAZING and seeing them again just took my breath away!!
Kimberly Gardner
God sure knew what he/she was doing when you were born.....What an exquisite eye for beauty and spirit you have. Takes my breath away

.Arlene Hougland

These Pictures are so BEAUTIFUL!! I just can't stop crying!!

Heidi Holcombe

The pictures are Wonderful!

Angela Tanigawa

I just peeked, you put some pics on Facebook, my gosh, it’s hard not to stare over and over. Thank you again!!! Barb!

Diane Tyson

They are seriously the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen!I LOVE THEM!

Erin Shepherd Van Liew

LOVE, LOVE LOVE the pictures! How about that hammock pic, OMG, it should be in a magazine!!  and I adore the last two of me and stella in b&w, TDF! 

Amy Scott Hughes

Hey Barb.

They look great! Thank you sooo much!
Thanks again Barb! You are awesome!!!

Jeni Carter

Hi, Barb!
Thank you soooo much for dropping off the ornaments. I had Debbie take a peek while I was at the other office. She loved them. My petsitter was astounded. They're so adorable!
Also, I didn't have a chance to email you last week, but I got the book and the gallery wrapped canvas. I haven't had time to hang the canvas yet so Maggie and Oliver look up at me from the mantle of the fireplace, and I smile every time I see them. The book was fantastic too!

--Dr. Stephanie Hsieh, Ahwahtukee

Thanks Barbara! You are too kind! You are such a professional - and your ability to single-handedly transform our "not into having our picture taken" attitude deserves an award! Thanks again for you hard work and enjoyable experience. Oh, and if possible, can you tag us in the "monkey walk" pic? I LOVE that one! Thx!

Joan Zehrung, New River, AZ!

Dear Barbara,
You are the most incredible person I know. You are astonishingly talented and probably the most fabulous person I've ever met, ever. THANK-YOU for the amazing graduation present, it's so fantastic. Thank-you SO so do absolutely amazing work!!
Angela Skowronek, Reno NV


OK, so I have been looking at the pictures for like 4 hours now!!!! We LOVE them!!!!!!

We definetely need to schedule some time to go over the ones (i mean hundreds)....we want!!!

Oh are simply amazing!

OMG – Barbara you are a genius!!! How did you do it?? There are a few there I actually LOVED! Never before has this happened! I seem to like the ones where I am further away - I look slimmer!

Hope to see you again soon – I also loved the time we spent together – and anyone who can make me look younger than my 56 ancient years can’t be bad at all!!!

--Sue Sieber, Levine

"Oh. my god, woman you are CRAZY! Thank you so much!! The book is amazing! I don't know what kind of paper that is, but it really brings the images to life. And the timing was perfect! It was so nice to have something on graduation day to let her know she is special."

--Nadine Shalaan

"So I was just looking at your website AGAIN, and just had to tell you how talented you are.. Those pictures seriously, are SO BEAUTIFUL- I have not ever seen anything like them- I CAN NOT WAIT to get the girls' done!"

Nicole Schnaible

"You did an AMAZING job with Jackie’s photos! I told Buzz that it just brought tears to my eyes—she’s so beautiful! Thank you so much!"

Tara Mogan

"There is so much here, the bang that always splits there, her sparkle in her eye, her perfectly tweezed eyebrows, it is an obsession....AHHHHH!  So great!"

--Colleen Katz

Oh Barb! Regina looks so beautiful. You did such a great job with her. Effervescent is a word that describe her a lot :-) Thank you for making a special time for us and for helping this great cause.


Wow. I'm speechless. They are so her! All the different sides of her. You must give me some lessons!

Nadine Shaalan
In&Out Publications, LLC

The pictures are fabulous! Could not believe how many I fell in love with.  So exciting!!!

Lauren Daniels
Happily Ever After League

We intended to give the photo to my boss Steve for his 50th birthday.
Steve has been in and out of the office tending to his partner who is hospitalized due to complications stemming from chemotherapy.
On the big day Steve was called to the hospital because his partner's condition was rapidly becoming worse.
We didn't hear from him for 24 hours. So... the birthday celebration was canceled because it didn't feel right to celebrate.

But low and behold, Bob (Steve's partner) is out of the woods again.  He hasn't been taking visitors but one actor from Childsplay. So we ended up giving it to Bob in the hospital since he can't see the animals.  

His sister is in town from Ohio helping take care of him and she said that when he saw the photo his eyes lit up and he started crying (tears of joy).  Steve sent the office a message saying he hasn't seen Bob's eyes like that in weeks!

Thank you so much for helping us make that happen.

Michelle Hargrave


Wow, wow, wow... I'm speechless.  I'm sooo happy.  I'm sorry I haven't had time until now to send this note!  and I'm sorry I don't have time to gush over you more.... I have to go teach, but know that we are 110% pleased.  Many family members are now looking at the site.  I'll sit and talk with you more soon!  

Hugs! Ann Becker

We love them.  We loved the experience.  We already have a few people who are asking for your name :).
I've already selected my favorites, but I'm up at 4:30.  The fam has yet to see!  I do intend to move quickly on this, as I'd like to get them out for gifts.
Thank you for making pictures fun again.  My family has dreaded them until you!  I plan to use you continually.
With love!

Stephanie Musser

Hey sweetie,
I couldn't wait to give Kevin the painting/picture.  He got an early present for fathers day. . . approx. 30 minutes after I rec'd it.  He was blown away and couldn't wait to put it in his office.  The staff at the cancer center loved it.  You made a beautiful piece of art.  Thank you so much for your time and tender loving care.

Cherie Collins, Minot ND

We had a wonderful time and appreciate you guys so much for everything. OK..... I just checked out Your Work and I LOVE YOUR STYLE..... We would absolutely Work Great Creatively..... Love your Photoshop Finishing Skills!
Please give Me a Call....I want to work with You.... Honestly, It\'s not often that I see work that knocks me out..... Your shots of that Backyard Water/Flame Set-up with the
Anyway, Your Work is INCREDIBLE.

Peter Jay

Hi Barbara - just wanted to say "thanks" for yesterday. You were so awesome and patient with us!

Mike also said you were "cool".  Now that is a compliment!

Have a great day and speak to you soon!

Suzanne Campbell, Anthem, AZ

WOW!!!  I absolutely love it!

Barb, it's amazing!  I cannot wait to send them out!  My friends and family are going to be flocking for your phone number!  Get ready for a busy Jan/ Feb!

Talk to you soon,

Wende  ;-)


Thank you so much for Paige's picture.  It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!  One of her nicknames is "Sparkles" and her eyes were sparkling.  I told her it's because she's a princess!  She has been looking in the mirror at her eyes all day.  She truly believes she is a princess!  The innocence and preciousness is magical at this age.

So thank you again for taking such amazing photographs of my children!  And all of the 100 + children at our school!  I know that parents will be as thrilled as I am!

See you on Friday :-)


Hi Barb.   Was thrilled to see your web site and hear how well you are doing.  I always think fondly of all the things  you taught me at your photography sessions in Minot.  I am still in business and would kill for some more input from you..   You were sooo much help for me.  How are you children?   Arizona is soo lucky to have you in their area.  You have an incredible talent for photography and i will keep checking your web site frequently for updated photos.  My daughter is doing alot of photography and has a eye for creativity.  We talk about you frequently.  Take care.

Mary Prouty

Hi Barb,

I just had to tell you that I put Eliya's picture up tonight in that frame I just bought and the picture looks so beautiful, stunning!! I absolutely LOVE it!! I can't wait for everyone to see it. So thank you again!!

Alisa Rogoff

Hi Barb,

We just want to tell you how incredible you are. The pictures that you did for us are brilliant, and we will keep the Freedom Way where John appeared on the cover forever. We are so happy with our pictures! We can't wait to hang them on our walls!!

Love, John and Dyann Mogan


Thanks again for taking the time to do this for us. We so appreciate it and we absolutely
LOVE the photo/painting. It is so gorgeous and you are SO SO talented. I'm telling everyone about you! You were so awesome with Eliya too. Right before you came she was having a major meltdown in her room, so I really was wondering how she'd be and I think she was great because of you!! I've sent the picture on to some friends and family and the overwhelming response is 'WOW, Beautiful!!" Thank you, thank you!


Dear Barbara, I love both of them! You did a great job.  You are so sweet too. I feel bad about asking you to paint so many, as I know they take so much time. We so appreciate you doing this. You are just truly the nicest and sweetest lady I ever met! I promise you I am sending EVERYONE I know to you!!!

Barbara Berry

Barb,Oh my Gosh! I don't know what to say, it's wonderful!


The DeSouza's

Hi Barb-
Just dropping you a note to tell you we LOVE our photos.  
Thanks and hope you and your family are having a  great summer.

Dru Nostdahl


I totally love you! your pictures are amazing! Thank you a million times!

Chantal Roberts

Dear Barb,
Thank you for our fourteenth summer of pictures...They were Great, as usual! Gosh, just think of it, we have followed you from California to Hawai'i to North Dakota and now Arizona...and we'll keep on following you! Don't forget Andrew's senior pictures, class of 2010!

Love ya,
Dana Kelly

My dear Barb...
It was such a joy to watch you work on Saturday.  You present such an interesting and thought provoking perspective in your photography and I truly enjoy the measure of your desire to step out of the norms and
boundaries in search of the intricacies and unique qualities inherent to your subjects---whether they are inanimate objects or people.It was a pleasure to watch my child come alive in front of your camera and
to see you capture her spirit.  And dear lady...those photos became so much more important since she went into full labor by the time she got home and
at 12:04 AM on the 21st, our family had the great and amazing opportunity to watch little Jack Alan struggle to find his way into the world. Just wanted you to know baby is here and that you were shooting Jess while
she was in early labor.  She was having steady mild contractions the last
hour or so of the shoot.
Again, thank you for sharing your very special talent.  
I look forward to seeing you again.


Janis Bailey

My goodness, gracious.  I AM SO IMPRESSED!  SO impressed.  It makes me smile in the biggest way to look at your gorgeous work.  You've always been so artistic and talented and with your photography, you're able to capture nuances that clearly come out because of your keen perception and your ability to connect with people and help them relax.  You're such a gem.  I could go on.  

We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have your work featured on our site. I'll be in touch...SOON!

Johanna McCloy, CoFounder of Dare To Be Fabulous

Thanks Barb!  I received everything.  I'll be in touch.

The kids loved you.  They had  the best time.  You truly have a gift and everyone is fortunate you are sharing it.


We LOVE them.  I am speechless, Kyle even said, Oh wow!  That is huge, he usually does not comment much on things that are not associated with pie:)


Katherine Solar

WOW BARB!!!! That picture is SO AWESOME!!!!! You are amazing, you sure have the vision babe!   Thank you so much for picking me.I can’t wait to see it in the magazine.  How can I get a copy???  
Thanks again Barb for the opportunity.  


Jennifer Johnson


Let me just say, as soon as I saw Onyx's face, I started to cry. Oh it is absolutely gorgeous, your gut instinct is right on. The background is GORGEOUS, those are my favorite colors, the color themes in our home, and Moo looked beautiful against bright colors. So yes run with this pastel, it is more than I imagined it would be, my goodness I look so forward to watching this progress.

I called Brian in to look at it, he loves it. He actually said "Oh my gosh that is beautiful Jana" and he never says that!! It's just wonderful.

I love that the gray
hair she was starting to get (from the disease) is gone in this portrait, I remember her as being all black except for a patch on her chest, there from babyhood. But no gray on her chin and face and legs, oh it is just he way I
remember her. You are amazing, talented and just amazing. It's fantastic.
Thank you.

Thank you so much,

So far, I have heard 3 gasps about the pictures, and Cindy and I aren't showing anyone else until final proof day!
Steve said it looked straight out of Vanity Fair!

David Imes
Art Director, RMCP

I am still just in awe of these shots--Thank you so much!!!

David Imes
Art Director, RMCP

Your photos from CFN, by the way were EXACTLY what I was hoping for!Congratulations on having the best first set of photos that I have received so far-- FABULOUS!!   I will gush more later--

David Imes Art Director, RMCP (I love this man!!)

We got the pictures!!!  I just love them--you really outdid yourself.  We just can't stop looking at them.  I will try to sort through them in a more organized manner after I finish my surgery clerkship in 5 weeks.  Thanks again, we just love them--it is by far our favorite gift:)


Francine V. Arneson

Dear Barbara,
      I wanted to tell you thank you again for everything that you have done for me. You helped me see the person who I am and want to be.I can't believe that it was just a couple of years ago, when I walked into the studio for the first time. I was a nervous, self conscience little girl, who signed up to your class just to have fun. Who would have thought that I would become a self confident, young woman. After the first couple of classes I no longer came to just have fun, even though I did. I came in search of something greater and I found it in you. I found it in
every single picture I took, and as time went on my pictures got better and better, until that thing I was looking for was staring me in the face.
     You have touched so many people and you're an inspiration. Thank you
so much for everything. I hope to see you in the future.


Becky Inches a/k/a AnnaBelle, International Model

Your pictures are so much better than what we had.
Our phone will be ringing like mad when we circulate these images.

Sonoran Waters/Sonoran Rain

"Barbara: Rick and I can't thank you enough for your talent, patience, and most important, great personality, you are the Greatest. I am very excited about the suggestions you made toward our goal of sharing our 25th wedding anniversary with loved ones. Namaste", ---Barbara Baum, Anthem

"Barb, Your photos of the Stott family teared me up this morning. I could feel their love through the pictures. either that or you're a damned amazing photographer!"

--Rose Urness, Anthem

"I just watched the video and I LOVED IT! It's amazing!! YOU'RE amazing!!
--Angela Skowronek, Reno

"I LOVE how the pics came out! The large one of Caroline is amazing.
Thanks again for the beautiful images. I knew I had a pretty daughter (inside and out!) but it really came through in your shots!"
Holly Majcher, Scottsdale

"Angela and I are looking so forward to this!! I was all awake the other night worrying if I should do anything to get ready, etc., and then I thought...Barbara Stitzer is the most professional, talented photographer in the country...and I slept like a baby. :)"
--Karen Skowronek, Reno, NV

"Oh. My. God, woman, you are CRAZY! Thank you so much!! The book is amazing! I don't know what kind of paper that is, but it really brings the images to life. And the timing was perfect! It was so nice to have something on graduation day to let her know she is special."
--Nadine Shalaan, Anthem, AZ

"So I was just looking at your website AGAIN, andjust had to tell you how talented you are. Those pictures seriously are SO Beautiful-- I have not ever seen anything like them--I CAN NOT WAIT to get the girl's done!!"
--Nicole Schnaible, Minot, ND

"You did an AMAZING job with Jackie's photos!! I told Buzz that it just brought tears to my eyes-she's so beautiful!! Thank you so much!!"
--Tara Mogan, Anthem, AZ

"There is so much here, the bang that always splits there, her sparkle in her eye, her perfectly tweezed eyebrows, it is an obsession...ahhhhh, the pictures are SO GREAT!"
--Colleen Katz, Scottsdale, AZ

"oh Barb! Regina Looks so beautiful. You did such a great job with her. Effervescent. Thank you for making a special time for us and for helping this great cause."
--Marcia Kipp, Anthem, AZ

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